How Repair Care's Windowcare System works

The ultimate epoxy resin for Fast, Practical, Complete repairs step by step

STEP 1 - Choose your material system from Dry Fix/Dry Flex 1, 4, or 16? open and close

First, decide the appropriate timescale and costing factors and choose from 3 cure systems;

Dry Fix / Dry Flex 1 - Ready to sand, paint etc. in 1 hour.
Generally for repairs upto 10mm in thickness (more info)

Dry Fix / Dry Flex 4 - Ready to sand, paint etc. in 4 hours.
Generally for repairs upto 20mm in thickness (more info)

Dry Fix / Dry Flex 16 - Ready to sand, paint etc. in 16 hours.
Generally for repairs upto 50mm in thickness (more info)


STEP 2 - Prepare your wooden surface for the Dryfix/Dryflex repair open and close

Prepare the surface by removing all rotten and decayed wood, preparing the area to receive the repair to sound timber.
The use of mechanical hand tools is sometimes suffice but electrical hand tools are very effective, the Metabo Mini Profi with an appropriate cutter bit is highly recommended for this part. It's also crucial to ensure there's no moisture left in the surface.

STEP 3 - Apply the appropriate surface preparation material Dry Fix open and close

Mix the appropiate Dry Fix Wood Stabiliser / Primer with the handy Mix & Fix cup & stick and simply apply using a small priming brush to the area to receive the resin. Leave the Dry Fix to penetrate and stabilise the surface for 20 mins.

STEP 4 - Dispense the appropriate Dry Flex resin, mix & apply to the area open and close

Using either the HD Metal or Lightweight Plastic dedicated dosing guns (to ensure a perfect ratio from part A & part B) dispense the appropriate Dry Flex resin onto the non-stick mixing plate and mix thoroughly, then apply to the area generously, shape and cut with either the Easy Q metal spatulas / application knives or the Easy Q plastic spatulas / application knives, then leave to cure as per the hour system used.

STEP 5 - Sand down, finish with appropriate stain or paint and SMILE open and close

Once cured, the area can then be sanded, painted, stained, and indeed ANYTHING else you would normally do to sound timber surfaces, including; planing, drilling into, screwing into, nailing into or sticking something to it!
Then, stand back and,,,,,,, SMILE at your long-lasting repair.
finished dryflex job

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